Pyjamas in New York

If there’s one way to convince someone to buy what you’re selling it’s through their sleepy little hearts. And what is the best way to speak to a sleepy little heart? PJs. The subliminal messages that pipe-edged shirts send to the minds of the observer is that of sleep and New York was full of it this season. Thakoon, Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein: why so sleepy?

For all the bohemians out there, Thakoon showed light blue, cropped trousers paired with a shirt so low slung it disappeared into the waistband without even the hint of a buttonhole. Both were edged with red piping; a theme that continued through several looks including micro shorts that look more like sleep shirts and a knee-length coat with a red rope to tie at the waist (a robe no less). Dreamy cloud patterns adorned similar looks… But I’m well aware it’s tie dye so let’s forget I said that.

Alexander Wang sent a similar shirt down the runway in baby blue silk. Cut outs just before the arm and deep pockets so great I’d wear it all day, all night. Wang paired his take with knee-length striped shorts and caged sandals (urgh those sandals).

Calvin Klein took a more subtle approach with the slouchy silks but I see you Mr. Costa. Those I’m-going-for-a-nap clothes aren’t fooling anyone alright? Silk jumpsuits, skirts, slips, hell even crop tops never made ‘Ready to Wear’ pyjamas look so sexy.

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Alexander Wang SS16 Ready to Wear Collection

So it’s Sunday morning and I’m trying to figure out how to watch the Alexander Wang SS16 show on my laptop. It must not be 2015 right now because it’s not online. I can’t find it anywhere. Oh so his website has lived streamed it… Right. So I go there.

I’m sitting with my headphones in as my flatmates rumble around the house. The dining table chairs aren’t exactly comfortable to sit on for long periods of time but I’m distracted immediately as the show/ video starts.

First of all, that music. Love it and I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying it’s Angel Haze, at least at the beginning it is. Secondly, the runway! It’s like a cinema; it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen! Ok so it has surely been done before, but my tired eyes are completely impressed.

The first look; a crop top and wide leg trousers ensemble is my inner spirit in outfit form and I’m already making mental notes about how much I might have to save to buy it when it’s available. Pretty sure if it comes out this time next year I may manage to buy the whole thing. Including the sandals. I still can’t quite make them out but I’ve fallen for those too and they’re distracting me from all the looks that are following on. I think just about every third or fourth model is wearing them. How can they look so good with all of these outfits? Second mental note: price tag will be justified because I can wear them with EVERYTHING.

The third look, an all-white structured maxi dress is surely what dreams are made of, right? My front row view isn’t actually that great and is allowing only a glimpse at the detail by the collarbones. Is that knitted? I don’t actually know but it looks great from a distance. Kudos to the white trainers with red laces too, Wang.

A few more looks in and I’m hooked by the second showing of denim shorts so distressed they need a back-up pair in the form of striped PJ-esque bottoms. It’s genius. Would never have thought to do that and now all of a sudden I’m wondering what I’ve been doing all my life. He’s gotten layering down to a T with this collection. Fishnet top under a navy (or is it black?) boiler suit? Yes.

And I thought I would be over stripes. Turns out, you can never be over stripes. In fact, when I can officially lift my self-inflicted spending ban the first thing I’ll be on the hunt for is dupe striped trousers à la look one so that I can break them in just in time for next year when I may or may not get my hands on the real thing.

The full show can be seen here and includes a tear inducing/ chilling/ all round emotionally confusing look at Wang’s past 10 years in the biz. And be sure to watch til the very end to witness Wang’s celebratory marathon run down the catwalk.

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