Marc Jacobs AW16: Goth for all

I’m wondering just how exactly I might be able to translate Marc Jacobs’ latest runway collection into outfits that I can acceptably wear in my humble town of No Creativity. I know, I know. High fashion is not meant for the every day but those balloon jackets and pussybows are massive and turning them into a wearable version for myself is a task.

The show was a nod to goth looks from all different periods (and I’ll throw in my own period here of the 2007-ish era) and swung a dark and gothic mood on the closing night of New York Fashion Week.

In case you haven’t heard, Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga walked for the show and ohmygosh they were almost unrecognisable. The dark (black?) lips and crayoned in eyes would make anybody unrecognisable and actually remind me of a girl I went to high school with who still insists on painting the circumference of her eye black with eyeliner. I can’t even remember what she used to look like…

There were six eyeliner looks in total, some with matching dark lips, some without. All eyebrows were erased, a look I actually like for some reason even if I could never pull it off because my eyebrows are one of three things I actually like about myself.

The 20s finger-waved hair was sharp. I liked it (again though wondering which family party I have planned this year that I could pull it off at?). And model Mari Agony’s fresh buzz cut which sported drawn on waves using NARS’ eyeliner and Eye Paint finished off with glitter was one for the Memory Bank.

The show featured shimmering metallics, leopard print, grommited leather and sheer floor-length gowns. I was a particular fan of the deep forest green feathers and flashes of candy pink, just like Wang. I love pink and I hope it stays forever.

The thick laced boots and striped tights (perhaps socks?) reminded me of my own emo days while the draped furs and low-slung fabrics reminded me of 20s glamour. Leandra Medine says “we are all Marc Jacobs’ goth”, and I feel she is right. Goth itself transcends the decades and we’ve all played with our own version of it at some point in our lives.

The closing of New York was both a nod to trends and legends-gone-by while carrying us forward in a fresh direction – perhaps the perfect way to end one city and start another.

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