Sunday round-up: Mary Katrantzou, TOPSHOP UNIQUE and Mulberry AW16

I’ve spent my Sunday in PJs, wrapped up on the couch with my dog while catching up on shows. I’ve managed to watch five live so far (all hail the internet!) and I’m feeling lucky.

First up for me today is Mary Katrantzou and her western meets princess-inspired collection. I’m not usually a fan of loud motifs but her fire-flamed coats and star-spangled everything are a neat way of livening up collared dresses and knee-length tulle skirts.

David Koma is next and although I appreciate navy, I’m not totally swooning.

Cathy Horyn referred to the industry as being cut into three “completely separate businesses”: “the celebrity lines, the trendy-casual stuff that consumes most of the space (and slowly kills you with its banality), and the elite brands like Oscar de la Renta.” I’m assuming TOPSHOP UNIQUE would fall under her ‘trendy-casual stuff’ so should I feel guilty for liking it? This collection has my full attention. I knew it would. It always does. I move on from the guilt swiftly. I’m too entranced to be held down by it.

I’m not entirely sure you can go wrong with shearling aviator bombers and leopard print anyway, and when a collection is so wearable, does that even matter?

The cropped aviator and draw-waist leggings with mid-calf boots remind me of what I might wear if I was old enough to star in the Dumb and Dumber Aspen scenes and the mid-length navy coat with black fur collar is just an everything-my-life-is-missing thrown-in-your-face type memo.

Mini skirts, houndstooth, wide-leg trousers, I like them all. You know what I also like? The white boots, white faux(?!)-fur cropped jacket and black sheer dresses. Lots of autumnal colours thrown in, like camel, purple and olive green. The eye liner is smeared and the fringes licked to the side. It is “the highs and lows of British style” according to Geoffrey Finch, Topshop’s creative design consultant.

Mulberry makes a grand comeback. It is their first catwalk show since 2013 when then-CEO, Emma Hill, left and has now been replaced by creative director, Johnny Coca. The Telegraph tells me he was previously in charge of handbags at Celine so he is literally God of Handbags.

The collection is full of everything I want and everything I can’t have, including new sure-to-be it-bag, the Clifton. Fishers eat your heart out at the fishnet dresses and bags that flash yellows and pinks and blues underneath. I know for sure now that I need to invest in some sort of textured jacket and most definitely buy some chunky buckle shoes and a new bag.

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