In which I ramble my way through the Fendi AW16 show

By Terri Cluckie

I’m not sure what it is that I love so much about Fendi’s collections. This season I’m thinking it’s the literal darkness paired with wavy layers and playful colours; the bold aspects of each look and how over-saturated the colours are.

The stripes and furs are so playful. The thigh high boots may not be something I could ever pull off but being over-joyed by a pair of shoes is what can be so special about fashion.

I notice mini-bags are making quite a big splash in the autumn/ winter shows this season as one model carries one delicately in her hand (she’s over thinking this – she really only needs her pinky). Fendi’s are multi-coloured and actually look like something my nine-year old self might carry. They also look like a strappy vest I just gave away to a local charity shop. I loved it but the room in my suitcase didn’t allow for non-essentials.

In look 26 the model walks the runway without a handbag or accessory and I notice how strange it looks. I’m pretty sure every other model has carried something with them but this one doesn’t. It’s a prompt to how much I like the bags with their woven leather and striped features.

The eye make-up again looks playful. It’s a nod to many of their past collections. I’m yet to see a close-up but the bold licks of colour stand out.

Look 29 passes as I do a double take at how gorgeous the model looks in the cool blue knee-high boots. Three models follow and they’re not carrying handbags – maybe they don’t all have an accessory in this show. That still feels odd but the looks are very cute so I’ll move on.

Does anyone remember when Scotland went through a phase of filling 300ml Irn Bru bottles with boiled water and watching them shrink? Or was that just a thing my family did? Either way the second mini bag to come out reminds me of that craze. It’s black and looks like a shrunken Birkin. On second looks it is definitely not a shrunken Birkin (How Dare I?) but it’s definitely a shrunken something.

A few metallic looks pass, as do more furs, and I’m left thinking about how glamorous the models look. I mean, duh that’s the point but I’m really going to have to make a lot more effort if I want to try anything I’ve seen this fashion month.

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