Street style from Paris and why it will never be me


By Terri Cluckie

A new series where Terri takes you through street style snaps and explains why it’s ok that they’re unachievable.

I think the real elephant in the room with why this will never be me is that I can’t flip people off like that. Mr. A$AP is far too good at ‘effortless’ to give anybody else a chance. Ever since Shia LaBeouf so eloquently flipped off his friend in Disturbia while kissing his girl, me and my besto have had an obsession with the correct finger placement in successfully flipping someone off. It’s something I’ll never accomplish. I also don’t have as much attitude as A$AP (something I’m working on) so I’ve been doomed to fail this look from the start.

Assuming he bought his coat from New Look (my current budget), I am definitely on track… I don’t have a coat like that but I would definitely like one and also like to think I could pull it off. What I couldn’t pull off? The fanny pack hanging from his neck. Don’t think this is technically a fanny pack but I like saying those words so for the purpose of this post: it’s a fanny pack.

His friend, Ian Connor: also so cool. Probably even too cool for A$AP’s profanities. Flannel shirts will forever be in style because they just will be (too easy to wear and not wash) so I’m fine there. It’s the cap I couldn’t wear. Don’t have the right head shape for hats and I know I’m not the only one. His jeans bear a motif I can’t make out, but you know what? That doesn’t matter because regular old denim jeans would do the job if you wanted to recreate this look. Yeah! We don’t need fancy denim to look laid back and comfortable, we just need old jeans and a grubby shirt (and two iPhones and a designer bag)!

[Photo credit: Taken from Phil Oh’s Best Street Style Pics From Paris Fashion Week series on]


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