Street style and why it will never be me: M.I.A. at Ashish

M.I.A. at Ashish

By Terri Cluckie

Don’t ask me the source of this image because I reblogged it on Tumblr and who ever knows where things truly come from on Tumblr? I’m referring to it now because I still don’t understand the sorcery behind M.I.A.’s literal take on effortless style and how she manages to look so good… AT A FASHION SHOW. Like what is this witchery?

The last time I wore an oversized jumper with leggings and unbrushed hair was yesterday because I hadn’t showered and wasn’t leaving the house so there was no need to make an effort. I only regretted this choice when my Gran paid a surprise visit leaving me mortified as she told me I “stunk” in the most brutally honest yet still loving way that only a Gran can. You know what though, maybe it’s because I wasn’t holding a clutch and wearing a pair of white trainers at the same time… Yeah that’s why she didn’t get it.

It’s amazing how some people are just so naturally cool and how others (me) are so not. Ah life.

[Photo credit: mmatangi on Tumblr]


2 thoughts on “Street style and why it will never be me: M.I.A. at Ashish

    • Haha same! I was going to blame it on the fact that I have a baby bump now and I just wanted to be comfortable but I always wear this kinda thing so… 😛 Yep, she carries it so well. Thanks Naomi x


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