Sukin: A paraben-free skincare system worth its salt

Sukin natural skincare

By Terri Cluckie

Are you looking for a new skincare regime? Don’t know who to trust because there are a bajillion products out there calling your name and everyone is boasting about how great they are? Well I’m kind of here to sort that out for you by giving you another opinion but it’s an honest opinion so I think you should listen to me.


Sukin is an Australian natural skincare company who tick all my boxes. They are paraben-free, don’t test on animals, use formulas that are free from other harsh chemicals etc.

I started using these products in January (actually it might have been December…) because I wanted to settle into a “proper routine”. I typically have combination skin, only getting random dry patches here and there while my t-zone stays oily-ish, so I was looking for “every day-type” products.

The Products (all 125ml)

1 x Cream Cleanser with rosehip, avocado and wheat germ
1 x Facial Moisturiser with aloe vera, horsetail, nettle and burdock (day time use)
1 x Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub
1 x Super Greens Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser (night time use)

The Review

Cleanser: So let me get off to a great start by saying I don’t particularly love this product. It’s nothing personal, it’s just I’m not a massive fan of cream cleansers in general because I rarely feel like they are really cleaning my face. However, I use this after I remove my make up using coconut oil and a muslin cloth and then smother this all over my face, let it sit for a few moments and then wipe off with another warm muslin so there are ways to make it work.

Moisturisers: I use the moisturisers every day (rotating day and night) after removing my make up and cleansing my face. The day-time moisturiser is very light but still nourishes my skin. I’ve never had any trouble with it messing with my foundation either so I would say it’s a great base. It is packed with the good stuff including jojoba and avocado oils (as well as all the nice things I mentioned in the ‘products’ list above). The night-time moisturiser is fantastic. It’s a little thicker so is perfect for wearing at night to seep into your skin after a good scrub in the tub. It contains kale, spirulina, parsley, rich acai and goji extracts “for daily hydration that promotes a healthy glow” and I can attest to that. My face literally beams each and every day.

Facial scrub: I only use this exfoliator every other day because I don’t like to over work my skin. It’s great for buffing away old skin cells to make way for the new and for really feeling like you’ve given your face a good clean – just like any other exfoliator I guess… But this one is easy to apply, doesn’t leave any residue (as long as you clean it off properly, duh) and the micro beads inside aren’t too rough where I find some exfoliators can be.

Sukin Super Greens skincare range

Why so good

The main reason I chose this range was the price tag, the paraben-free formulas and the fact that they don’t test on animals. Here is a link to Sukin’s ethos to find out a little more for yourself but let’s just call them little angels who use only the best ingredients for your skin.

Price Range and Availability

I bought these products back when I was living in New Zealand so if you live there then you can get them at the Unichem Pharmacy in Spitfire Square by Christchurch airport (if you go there then please do both me and yourself a favour and go to Mexicali and order a chicken burrito with no beans, chipotle, jalapenos with both medium and mild salsa! I’m having withdrawals).

For everyone else, you can order them here:

Sukin Organics
Feel Unique
Holland and Barrett

Cream Cleanser – £8.10 (
Facial Moisturiser – £8.10 (
Super Greens Facial Moisturiser – £9.99 (Holland and Barret)
Super Greens Facial Scrub – £9.99 (Holland and Barret)

Holland and Barrett sell all products but are slightly cheaper on the cleanser and day-time moisturiser. You will also find them at places like Amazon and other natural health/ beauty websites/ stores.

[Photo credits: my own]


Hallucinations of a completely skint human being

By Terri Cluckie

I’ve clearly been high this week because my search history includes, and and my bookmarks bar looks like something out of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet.

Up until recently I have accepted the fact that my current financial situation just can’t justify buying new maternity bras or food so I have been hibernating in an attempt to not spend the money that doesn’t live in my purse anyway. It’s proving to be difficult. You know how they say, “when you don’t have the money you always see something you want to buy in the shops”? That has been my week in a nutshell with no thanks to the internet. I’ve even found promise on New Look’s website. I mean REALLY.

I couldn’t afford the bigger box of Rennie’s from Superdrug the other day but I can definitely afford a pair of Alexander Wang Amelia flats AND one of his bags. I’ve chosen to go with a mini version of the bag though because I’ve not forgotten I’m on a budget.

And I have a plan. I have cleared out my room of all my junk to sell at a local carboot sale on Sunday so that I can afford my new lifestyle. With all the money I’m going to make from it I have wishlisted my way through Topshop and the entirety of Marni shoes available on for when my ship comes in and my swanky new house needs some sweet, sweet merchandise to fill its shelves.

In case you are interested, here are some of the items I’ve “pre-bought”… in my head:

1. Alexander Wang Amelia flats: I’ve wanted these since they graced the runway in September therefore by the laws of the universe it’s only fair I own them now.

Alexander Wang Amelia flats
Alexander Wang Amelia flats

2. Marni Embellished Leather Loafers: They don’t even have these in my size and I’m still convinced I can buy them.
Marni Embellished Leather Loafers
Marni Embellished Leather Loafers

3. Alexander Wang Mini Rockie: Don’t tell me this bag is overpriced ok? Nobody believes you.
Alexander Wang Mini Rockie
Alexander Wang Mini Rockie

4. Topshop Spot Pleat Trousers: A more realistic wish yet still so far out of reach for someone who currently relies on their mum to keep the milk stocked in the fridge.
Topshop Spot Pleat Trousers
Topshop Spot Pleat Trousers