Mood-boosting outfit #1: after the baby

mood boosting outfit

By Terri Cluckie

These trousers were the gift to myself for after my baby was born. I haven’t had them on since he was two days old. That day I last wore them I had no make-up on so the dark circles under my eyes looked especially dark, my hair was up in a shitty bun and the white t-shirt I had on was full of holes and did the worst job of covering up the fact that my nursing bra gave me cone boobs because it is made entirely of one layer of cotton fabric (no padding whatsoever). I was not looking or feeling good that day, especially because my precious newborn was hating life and would not stop crying and given the fact that we had only met two days previous, both my partner and myself had no idea what to do with him so the screaming continued for most of the day.

But anyway.

Fast forward three weeks and life has settled a little. I still have no time for anything but every night just before he finally sleeps I take a few seconds to think about what I’m going to wear the next day because it makes me feel really good. I’ve never been so experimental in what I wear than I have been the past few weeks and I think it’s because I’m putting a lot of effort into the little things that make me feel good during a time when I don’t always feel so good.

Today I decided to wear my special trousers with a crop top I bought from Topshop almost three years ago but had yet to wear. I planned on wearing a red lip too but screaming baby = no time for precision = no red lip.

Make-up aside, I was really pleased with this outfit. So pleased I decided I needed to get out the house just to make sure at least one person I don’t know witnessed its greatness. That and I needed to go to the shop for fish for tea.

P.S. How good is Stranger Things? Is anybody else watching it? (stupid question).

[Image: It’s me]


Topshop acid denim jacket

Denim jacket one

By Terri Cluckie

The last time I owned a denim jacket it involved months of searching and ended in an epic Ebay bidding battle which cost me way more than it should have. It was a vintage Levi’s with a shearling collar and it ultimately turned out to be one of my favourite jackets even though everybody else hated it.

Even if it was well loved by me, the fact still remained that it was a men’s size small and way too big for me so it retired to my wardrobe and hasn’t been seen in about two years.

But now my denim jacket days are back.

This is the Topshop Moto acid wash oversized denim jacket. It fits way better than my last one.

It cost £45 which I think is quite steep but I’m willing to overlook the pricetag given how versatile denim jackets are and therefore how easy they are to wear. They are light enough for the summer and somehow heavy enough for the winter and considering that I live in Scotland, the most indecisive place on earth when it comes to weather, it’s one of the most ideal jackets I could pick.

Also, how timeless are they?

[Images: my own]

Gucci Princetown leather slipper dupes

By Terri Cluckie

Three weeks ago I put in my order for Christmas to my other half. He laughed at me and said no which is how things usually go but I thought I was doing him a favour by giving him a six-month head start on savings. It’s only a pair of Gucci slippers. They only cost £380. They are amazing and I’m allowed to dream.

Gucci Princetown leather slipper - £380
Gucci Princetown leather slipper – £380

I’ve said for the past 9 years that my first designer purchase will be the greatest moment of my life. I gave birth to my son two weeks ago but I still stand by that statement (just kidding!). I’ve dreamt of opening a pair of designer shoes or designer bag on a birthday/ Christmas since the day I first bought the December issue of Vogue way back in 2007. That’s where it all began for me and even though I was pretty sure by this point in life I’d have a designer wardrobe sorted with my job at Vogue, things haven’t quite went to plan and I’m still only dreaming.

Where that might still be the case for the Gucci shoes, I have found something that has suppressed my appetite for now; Topshop. One week ago I was window shopping on their website and found the answer to my dreams.

These are the Kylie backless mules and are £331 cheaper than the Gucci version. They come in black or leopard and are perfect to me. I already know that my friends will hate them but I’m learning to accept the fact that that’s generally how it goes with my choice of footwear.

I’ve worn them once and they made my baby blues disappear for a good two hours while I was down town shopping on a quick baby break at the weekend.

I’ll still be crossing my fingers that I get my wishes granted at Christmas time but for now, thank the lord for dupes!

[Images: my own and]