Topshop acid denim jacket

Denim jacket one

By Terri Cluckie

The last time I owned a denim jacket it involved months of searching and ended in an epic Ebay bidding battle which cost me way more than it should have. It was a vintage Levi’s with a shearling collar and it ultimately turned out to be one of my favourite jackets even though everybody else hated it.

Even if it was well loved by me, the fact still remained that it was a men’s size small and way too big for me so it retired to my wardrobe and hasn’t been seen in about two years.

But now my denim jacket days are back.

This is the Topshop Moto acid wash oversized denim jacket. It fits way better than my last one.

It cost £45 which I think is quite steep but I’m willing to overlook the pricetag given how versatile denim jackets are and therefore how easy they are to wear. They are light enough for the summer and somehow heavy enough for the winter and considering that I live in Scotland, the most indecisive place on earth when it comes to weather, it’s one of the most ideal jackets I could pick.

Also, how timeless are they?

[Images: my own]


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